Ellen Scharaga on Motivating Employees

As Senior Vice President of Operations at OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services in Great Neck, New York, Ellen Scharaga has succeeded in creating an efficient workplace, reducing turnaround times, and increasing productivity. In the process, she has learned the value of motivation, and she shares the following tips.

Motivation of employees plays a key role in efficient operations. A contented staff works both faster and better. Remember, though, that motivation does not always mean raises, bonuses, or even fun contests and prizes, although those things are useful and appreciated. Recognizing employees’ achievements can also simply mean offering applause or other public acknowledgement at staff meetings or conferences.

Of course, for employees to achieve, they must be properly trained. Always assume that any procedure, method, or skill must be taught – and then teach it. People who feel competent will perform better and more efficiently than those who are unsure.

And finally, be certain that your employees feel valued. It starts with ensuring a pleasant work environment, from courteous interactions between personnel to a restful place to sit and eat lunch. Asking your employees what they need provides an added bonus – they feel that their opinions are valued when they are asked, as well as when you listen and respond.