Walking in Melville, New York, By Ellen Scharaga

The idea of New York often conjures up images of tall skyscrapers and taxi-filled streets, but outside of the city, the state possesses a great deal of beauty and opportunities to explore nature. Residents of Melville, NY have access to a great number of parks featuring walking paths, including:

1. West Hills County Park: Located in West Hills, this park includes carefully manicured nature trails, like the Walt Whitman Trail, which brings visitors through a forested park to Jayne’s Hill, whose 400 foot peak is the largest in Long Island.

2. Whitman Park: Located in Huntington, Whitman Park is not a large park, but features tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and a playground, providing walkers with a great deal of entertainment.

3. Pinelawn Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleums: Located in Farmingdale, this park features some of the most beautiful gardens in New York, including the Garden of Peace, the West Fountain Garden, and the Garden of Freedom.

About the Author: Ellen Scharaga is a resident of Melville, New York and takes time to explore her surroundings through one of her favorite pastimes: walking.