Ellen Scharaga on the Duties of a Pharmacist

Ellen Scharaga of Melville, NY, has 30 years of experience in the health care industry. In her current position as the senior vice president of operations at OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services in New York, Ellen Scharaga is responsible for recruiting and training all members of the operations team.

Becoming a pharmacist requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of pharmacy, completion of a pharmacy internship, and, in most states, a license of registration. Pharmacists fulfill a variety of duties within the health care industry and are often the most publicly accessible type of health care professional.

Pharmacists are responsible primarily for filling and dispensing patient medications as prescribed by a physician. The process involves measuring, labeling, and recording medications, reviewing prescriptions for correct dosage, and medication inventory management. Pharmacists advise patients on proper drug use, potential side effects, and adverse drug interactions. Many pharmacists also provide management services for conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.