Ellen Scharaga – OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Since 2009, Ellen Scharaga has served as senior vice president of oncology pharmacy services for OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. A resident of Melville, NY, Ellen Scharaga has improved the company’s efficiency through initiatives such as reduced prescription filling times.

A clinical development-stage biopharmaceutical company, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals creates therapeutics to treat cancer. Focusing on cancer stem cells, it is presently developing several anti-cancer products that affect signal pathways and stop their self-renewal. The company also plans to file Investigational New Drug proceedings for new antibodies in 2014. The company’s innovations led to strategic alliances with Bayer Pharma AG and GlaxoSmithKline.

At the end of October 2013, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals announced its latest project, the first of three Phase 1b clinical trials for an innovative breast cancer medication with anti-cancer stem cells and anti-tumor properties. This therapy consists of the antibody vantictumab and paclitaxel, a cancer treatment drug, and will target the Wnt pathway. OncoMed chief medical officer, Dr. Jakob Dupont, called the pathway an “area of interest for breast cancer researchers for many years.” Following a successful Phase 1a trial, this next step involves a dose escalation study that will analyze the effects of the combination prior to Phase 2 clinical trials.