St. John’s University Models Itself in the Image of St. Vincent de Pau

Ellen Scharaga, of Melville, NY, is senior vice president of operations for OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services, and she previously served as general manager of National Medical Care’s New York branch. Registered as a pharmacist in New York State, Ellen Scharaga earned a bachelor of science in pharmacology from St. John’s University in Jamaica, New York.

St. John’s University celebrates a rich Vincentian heritage, taking its inspiration from St. Vincent de Paul. In the early 17th century, St. Vincent founded the Congregation of the Mission, which was based on his revelation that one experiences God through service to others.

As the patron saint of charitable societies, St. Vincent is credited with ensuring access to medical care for the poor, providing the unemployed with job-related training, and establishing homes for orphans. In addition, St. Vincent promoted literacy among the uneducated and revamped the educational system for clergy throughout France.

Today, St. John’s University continues the spirit of St. Vincent by taking an innovative approach to research and service as it works to address the root causes of social problems.