Drugs Administered via Home Infusion Services

Ellen Scharaga, a resident of Melville, NY, is senior vice president of operations at OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services. Previously, she held the position of director of pharmacy at Advanced Care, Inc. In this role, Ellen Scharaga ensured that all drugs administered via home infusion were both as safe and as effective as possible.

Here are three kinds of drugs administered via home infusion:

Anti-Infectives—A category of drug that can either inhibit an infectious agent from spreading or kill it altogether. Examples of anti-infectives are amebicides, antifungals, and antiviral agents.

Pain Management—An array of home infusion therapy. The intravenous administration of pain-management drugs is the quickest way to relieve pain.

Chemotherapy—One of the most innovative ways to administer chemotherapy to patients with cancer. The home setting makes this treatment especially appealing for patients who are too weak to travel.