Ellen Scharaga on the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

An organization representing thousands of individuals in the health services field, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) began after eight managed-care pharmacists met in 1988 and recognized the need for such a professional group. Over the next several years, the AMCP grew rapidly, securing a membership base of nearly 1,300 by 1993. The American Council on Pharmaceutical Education soon took note of the AMCP’s progress and certified the organization in 1995.

More recently, the AMCP performed an important public policy role by aggregating data and writing a report for Medicare Part D administrators aimed at saving U.S. taxpayers more than $500 million. The group continues to influence policy through congressional lobbying on behalf of managed care pharmacy professionals and by keeping its members up to date on current legislative issues on the state and federal level.

Further, the AMCP offers career development solutions as part of its wider mission to promote high-quality, affordable, and accessible pharmaceutical practice. Each year, it hosts two national gatherings for thousands of attendees. Moreover, it provides internship programs recognized throughout the industry.

For information about membership criteria and to donate to the group online, visit the AMCP’s website at www.amcp.org.

About the author:
Leveraging decades of experience in the health field, Ellen Scharaga assists OncoMed Pharmaceutical Services of Great Neck, New York, as Senior Vice President of Operations. Scharaga holds membership with the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy in addition to the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, the New York State Council of Hospital Pharmacists, and other professional associations.